Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A lot of people remember Selma Blair from her role as naive Cecile Caldwell, in the iconic film Cruel Intentions, where she had that kissing scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar (I'm sure there's a GIF flying around if you missed it the first time around) and also as Reese Witherspoon's arch nemesis Vivian Kensington in Legally Blonde, where the wardrobe department absolutely CRUSHED IT for her sartorially.
Selma was an unlikely style icon in this film; her character, a “frigid bitch” brunette who immediately decides that Elle is just another SoCal bimbo she can pick on, wore primarily muted colours, twinsets with pearls, and practical headbands which culminated in a distinctive look which wasn't as preppy (despise that word) as much as it was polished. Selma's character would not have looked out of place at J.Crew and probably shopped at Uniqlo for her weekend wear because ambitious girls who are constantly on their A-game, need form and function. And her dark, blunt bob was a divine addition to a look which reflected a motto of "I mean business, so listen when I speak, because I ain't pretending". It was of course, an intentionally stark contrast to Reese's sugar-coated yet lovable Elle Woods, a girl whose bible comes to her in monthly installments of Cosmo and who, like Barbie, is rarely seen not wearing her signature pink outfits.

When it comes to personal style, I'm not someone who is inspired by runway trends as much as I am people, or characters. In this instance, it was Selma's bobbed hair which got me so invested in her overall aesthetic of being confident enough in your own skin to rock a graphic haircut, or choosing to dress conservatively because that is who you are and everybody better bloody get used to it.


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